Operation F.I.N.I.S.H.







Operation F.I.N.I.S.H. is a fan fic story based 5 years after Operation INTERVIEWS, written by Genincat.

It involves her KND alais Numbuh 539, along with the former members of the KND, in a final showdown with Father, The Steve, and the Teen Ninjas. It also explains the beginning of the actual TND and its purpose. (NOTE: this website TND has a different purpose than the TND in the story).

As of 5/22/10, there are 9 chapters, and each has a picture to match (note Genincat drew each of them). Operation FINISH is still in progress.

Introduced in this story is the idea of the KND Ring, created while Numbuh 5 was Supreme Leader. Information on the Ring, its secret meaning, and how to make your own can be found here



CHAPTER 1 Illustration

CHAPTER 2 Illustration

CHAPTER 3 Illustration

CHAPTER 4 Illustration

CHAPTER 5 Illustration

CHAPTER 6 Illustration

CHAPTER 7 Illustration

CHAPTER 8 Illustration

CHAPTER 9 Illustration

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