REAL NAME: Luke Masters

AGE: 15

OCCUPATION: KND spy, TND operative

HOMETOWN: Houston, Texas


SECTOR: Previously in Sector T located in Texas

FAMILY: Numbuh 94 (older brother, currently decommissioned)

KND/TND INVOLVEMENT: A KND operative since age 7. On Numbuh 539's 13th birthday - her decommissioning day - she was chosen to retain her memory and become a KND spy. She agreed, only if Numbuh 794 could join her, which both the Supreme Leader and Numbuh 794 agreed to. When word of the TND reached Numbuh 794 and that it was recruiting members, he jumped at the chance. Currently the hand-to-hand combat specialist of the TND.

- Note this character is an OC of Genincat (a.k.a. Numbuh 539)

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