REAL NAME: Zoe Cellums
Zoe - First Sketch

Numbuh 512

AGE: 13


HOMETOWN: Houston, Texas


SECTOR: Previously in Sector T located in Texas; 2x4 tech expert

FAMILY: unknown

KND/TND INVOLVEMENT: A friend of Numbuhs 539 and 794 (same sector), she's been in the KND since age 7. Not much is known about her personal life, and it is unknown if she has any siblings (biological or otherwise). Numbuh 512 just recently turned 13, and on her decommissioning day, Numbuhs 539 and 794 broke in* and 'kidnapped' her. She was then recruited into the TND.

  • Numbuhs 539 and 794 were considered decommissioned by all the KND operatives (minus those who knew they were KND spies), and them knowing the Moon Base's whereabouts led to suspicion if they had truly been decommissioned or not, leading to some believing they were Teen Ninjas. Numbuh 512 was not in on the plan, and only joined after realizing who they were.

- Note that this is an OC of Genincat (a.k.a. Numbuh 539)

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